The ultimate guide to cater for the perfect boho picnic this Spring, including how to find the best locations and what to pack for it. 

“Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?” Neltje Blanchan once asked. Those magnificent fresh, green and delicate scents that the third season finally brings after all the cold winter months have passed. Springtime means it's time to celebrate the warmer, balmy days with a chilled glass of Prosecco whilst sitting back and enjoying the views of the newly blossomed, Golden Wattle trees.

What better way to enjoy all the delights that Spring has to offer than with a picnic with your friends. But deciding on the location to set the right scene can be challenging. Use this guide to help you to decide where to plan your picnic.

Best locations for a picnic

National Parks / Bushland

A boho picnic in nature will allow you to experience the unique Australian bushland off the beaten track, surrounding yourself in the native flora and fauna. Australia plays host to many beautiful settings, with animals and plants found nowhere else in the world. You'll need a location in the bush that is easy enough to access by car, but still remote enough that you will be able to enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature; the rustling of leaves in the trees on a breezy afternoon, the sweet, rhythmic humming calls of the cicadas and the vibrant, chuckles of fan-tailed cuckoos.

On arrival to your semi-secluded bush location, choose a spot with a view that allows you to witness all of the magical sights below. The rich eucalyptus and blue gum shades of the bush means that any of our boho picnic rugs with rich, earthy tones will work perfectly in this setting.

Once you've chosen your favourite picnic blanket (we suggest Indie, Sahara, Willow or Boheme rugs), add some boho cushions and native flowers to set the scene. Pair a glass of Pinot Noir with a roasted pumpkin and feta frittata, a fresh walnut and rocket salad and a slice of creamy, passionfruit cheesecake. Finish off your afternoon by taking a short stroll to a lookout for golden hour views.


Now that the weather is starting to improve, the beach is an ideal place to host your boho Spring picnic. With crystal-clear waters and idyllic sands, Australian beaches make the best setting for your long, overdue catch-up with friends.

Plan for a picnic at golden hour, where the temperature is still pleasant but not too warm to ruin your food and drink. You'll also get to enjoy the beautiful display of colours in the sky as the sun sets.

A flowy, bohemian or floral dress, barefeet and shades will provide you with the right amount of comfort, while still feeling dressed for the occasion.

Choose a picnic rug with feminine sunset hues like Phoenix, Del Sol, Posie, Havana or Nixi to create a dreamy backdrop for your spring soiree.

Add some battery operated fairy lights, baby's breath, daisies and Acrylic Champagne flutes with a well-deserved bottle of bubbles. Set-up a speaker to play some easy listening acoustic tunes whilst you pop that bottle of Prosecco.

A charcuterie board that includes a combination of sweet and salty foods like cheese, quince, grapes, strawberries and cured meats will be the perfect spread for your bohemian-styled picnic.

In the park

If you're just not feeling the beach or bush for your next outing, a local park might be more accessible and easy to organise. There are so many parks whether you live rural or in the city - either coastal or complete with landscaped gardens that will set the scene for your bohemian-themed picnic.

Any of our vibrant or earthy rug designs suit a park picnic, like the Luna, Fleur, Posie, Sahara or Indie rugs. Style your rug with some macrame or jute placemats, some dried pampas grass in a rattan basket or vase and some coloured, short-stem wine glasses.

A bottle of rosé will work beautifully with some smoked salmon pancakes with crème fraîche and an asparagus or zucchini and ricotta baked frittata tart.

Parks provide enough open space to enjoy a selection of different lawn games. Try your hand at Finska, or some classics like croquet and bocce, the fresh air, Vitamin D and laughter will fill your cup for the week ahead.

Time to plan

Springtime is the ideal time to organise that much-anticipated get-together with your friends and loved ones and nothing compares to a boho-themed picnic. The bush, beach or park all make perfect locations to host your next afternoon soiree.

Our signature bohemian picnic rugs have been exclusively designed by us for a beautiful, vibrant backdrop. Made from 100% premium cotton, they're thick and durable protecting you from the ground beneath, while still being soft enough for comfort.

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