Introduce colour & prints into your home

Colour and prints have the ability to completely enhance the look of your home. They brighten up the space, add warmth and spark happiness, bringing life into your home. We’ve collated some inspiration showing you how to introduce colour and prints into your home like an interior stylist, featuring our boho picnic rugs of course!

Create a moodboard

Searching for inspiration and creating a mood board is one of the best ways to discover what style you like. You might already have a Pinterest board created with all of your favourite colours, prints and home interiors. If not, Pinterest is a great place to start your hunt for that dream interior! Instagram accounts are also an amazing source of inspiration. Think interior stylists, designers, home and lifestyle bloggers and even Airbnb hosts! 

Some of our favourite accounts include, @boholuxebyliesel@ourhutleyhome@buildingouraston@ourperthreno@thewhiteshome_ and @ourcozyabode.

Pick your colour palette

Once your mood board has been created, your colour palette will be easier to identify. Remember to keep it simple by not adding too many different colour combinations - we usually pick 3-4 main colours.

Neutral palettes are a popular starting point for your base. They are calming, versatile and allow you to effortlessly bring colours and prints into your home that reflect your personality and the seasons. If you're someone who loves bold colours and prints, choose colours that compliment each other and contrast well with the neutrals and finishes in your home. If you're not used to having colour in your home but want to experiment, a tonal colour palette is a great place to start. Colours that have a similar tone work harmoniously with neutrals and will help you achieve a beautiful balance. 

If you need a little bit of assistance visualising your colour palette, use colour swatches and even paint pot samples. This is also a great way to see how the colours change as the lighting in your home adjusts throughout the day. 

Contrast textures

Using contrasting textures adds depth and interest to a room. Patterns have the same effect. If you take a look back at the mood board you’ve created, you’ll notice the most stunning interiors use different textures such as smooth timber and rattan, or soft bamboo fabrics and woven cotton rugs. 

These textures can be added through statement pieces like a woven raffia timber armchair. Bring colour into the room and elevate this piece even further by adding a brightly coloured throw and matching cushion.

Bring colour & prints into your bedroom

Our bedrooms are the place we feel most at ease, so it’s important to also make sure these spaces are uplifting and have a great energy. Especially as colours have an impact on the way we feel. For example, blues are serene and relaxing, green represents growth, renewal and harmony, pink is feminine and romantic and orange is playful, creative and energetic. 

Start introducing colours and prints into your bedroom in the form of wall art, vases, bright sheets, pillows, a woven throw and other small decor pieces. For decorative pieces keep in mind less is more. To keep clutter at bay, select a few key pieces for each piece of furniture and choose different heights / scale of these items so they sit complimentary next to each other.

Layer your bed

Layering your bed is another ideal way to bring colour and prints into your bedroom. We love that you can get really creative when styling a bed! Choose one bright colour for your sheet set and another for your doona cover. Incorporate both of these colours into your pillows as well, then layer a vibrant printed throw on top to finish the look. 

If you're using a printed throw like one of our woven picnic throws, you can either select neutral and textured decorative pillows to soften the look, or if you're confident mix and matching prints - find some that pulls colours from the throw (or vice versa). A vibrant rug looks equally as beautiful on a white bedspread too.

Bring nature into your home

Add a little bit of nature to your home's interior through plants and florals. You can choose plants that purify the air such as aloe vera, peace lily and bamboo palm. Olive trees, fiddle-leaf fig trees and cacti are hugely popular for the home at the moment. For a low maintenance option with a boho-coastal luxe aesthetic, try natural dried palm fronds or pampas grass. Decorate the space with orchards or introduce florals in the form of wall art or our bohemian picnic rugs. 

Style your lounge setting

Be sure to extend colour and prints into your living room to make it feel inviting. The living room is a space you want to feel complete contentment, it's often the place where you'll spend most of your waking hours at home after all! If you have a neutral coloured lounge, add decorative throws that double as blankets. You can pair these with a mix and match combination of cushions in different textures.

Change it up with the season

A change in season means you can change the whole interior of your home. For summer, you might opt for lighter colours. For spring, lots of florals and paisley prints. For winter and autumn, bring warmth into your home with rich coloured decorative throws that double as blankets. 

Start styling your home

If you’re ready to introduce colour and prints into your home, our picnic rugs are an easy way to start! There is a colour for every preference in one of our signature bohemian, floral prints. From golden oranges to dusty pinks, earthy browns and soft pastel blues. Each able to seamlessly blend in with your existing interior.