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Q & A with Arushi Kohlsa


Who Is She Series

ISLA is designed for the girl who marches to the beat of her own drum. The ISLA girl seeks irreverence in her sartorial choices. She is bold, confident and she is ISLA.
We have put the spotlight on her; find out who she is below:


Arushi Kohlsa

Arushi Kohlsa is the New Delhi born now denizen of the New Yorker style sphere known for an endless stream of her most curated sartorial pursuits. Her blog is indicative of the zeitgeist pulling style inspiration from Brigitte Bardot, Anna Karina, and Françoise Hardy. Find out more about Arushi Kohlsa in this who is she series.

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Q. What first sparked your love for fashion?

When I was 14 and living in my hometown of New Delhi, India, I started exploring the then nascent world of fashion blogging when the OG girls like Tavi, Susie Bubble, Karla Deras, etc. were just starting to dominate the scene and shake the fashion establishment. It was an exciting time and I got swept up in how digital was quickly gaining steam as a disruptive force in fashion. I started to read voraciously about designers, their creative process, various eclectic, historical, cultural and art elements that inspire design, etc. When I was 17 and finishing up senior year and gearing up for college in New York, I started a personal style blog. And the rest is history. 

Q. How would you describe your personal style?

A work in progress. I don't feel like I fall into a clear bracket or trope of girly, classic, Parisian, etc. I favor flirty hemlines and silhouettes paired with pared down, minimalist hues and am intrigued by texture (bring on the leather and lace!). Living in NY, transitional, day to night dressing is crucial so I aim to have a wardrobe where I can pull out any 2-3 pieces and have them seamlessly work together.

Q. Is there anyone you would like to swap wardrobes with?

Christine Centenera. Undone, insouciant, sexy.

Q. What are your wardrobe staples?

A little black skirt, a leather jacket, heeled booties, heather grey crop top, structured bag, cat eye sunglasses.  

Q. What was your most recent purchase?

Just bought myself a rugged, worn in brown leather jacket.

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 Q. Who is your go to style inspiration?

I follow a plethora of endlessly stylish girls on Instagram, am inspired by industry mavens, and by a handful of celebrities like Kate Bosworth.  

Q.What does a normal day look like for you ?

I wake up around 7am, get dressed, take my time with skincare and makeup, plan my content for the day, answer a few emails, rush to work. My day job is working in luxury consulting of sorts and my other life is content creation and being an "influencer" so I try to juggle the two throughout the day. By 6:30pm I'm ready to head out to events and to see friends.


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